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How CRM Colud Connect can help Wholesale businesses scale their operations

It’s time to take manufacturing to the next level. Enjoy a 360-degree view of your production costs and inventory status so that you can make strategic business decisions informed by a wealth of data — like pricing strategies or loss reduction practices.

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Processing a sale is the main purpose of the Simple Sale module in CRM. Through the Simple Sale module, you can create quotes, sale orders, sale invoices and track the shipping status of the sale order.

In CRM you can set Credit Limits for your customers and implement Credit Holds, either automatically when outstanding payments are overdue or manually at any time.

User permissions can be set to either receive a notification when customers are on Credit Hold or have exceeded their Credit Limit, or to block any sale authorisation.

Yes, in CRM you can add a unique look and feel to your documents by personalising your document and email templates. DEAR uses MS Word templates for documents and emails, therefore with some basic MS Word and Mail Merge skills, you can customise existing templates and create new templates.

You can create multiple templates for each type of document (Purchase Order, Sale Invoice, Shipping Label, etc.). In case you have any questions regarding document customization or need assistance, DEAR has a dedicated team who is happy to help, just contact

Yes, advanced sale is designed to handle sale orders where multiple invoices and/or fulfilments are to be considered part of the same sale. Advanced Sale also allows multiple credit notes to be issued for a single sale order. A simple sale can be converted to advanced sale at any point in the sales process.

CRM Colud Connect allows you to sell services via service sale functionality. There are no fulfilment tabs as pick, pack and ship in a service sale. You can include non-inventory items and services in the service sale.

Yes, you can offer Gift Cards to your customers that they can then use to pay for your products and services. Gift Cards can be used for in-app sales as well as for the B2B and POS sale channels.

CRM Inventory provides sellers with the ability to manage manufacturer warranties for their products. This helps facilitate the Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) process, particularly when products are returned during the warranty period. This leads to better customer support and helps track and reduce repair costs.

In CRM Inventory, you can create recurring Sales Orders/Invoices at weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual intervals in order to avoid entering manually the same transactions and also shorten the sale cycle.

Yes, you can use the backorder functionality in DEAR. Backorders involve processing sales that do not have enough stock on hand to be fulfilled. In this case, new stock is ordered from your suppliers to complete the order. Backordering is only available for products which have an assigned supplier.

Backorders will add the outstanding items from the sale to the Reorder Backordered list in DEAR so a PO can be generated for them. When the required quantity of items is back in stock, the sale order can be fulfilled. Split Orders will cause a new Sale Order to be automatically generated. The original Sale Order will be amended, so the item quantity reflects the amount in stock. This authorised Sale Order can be fulfilled and invoiced immediately. A second authorised Sale Order with the remaining item quantity will be created. This can be fulfilled and invoiced when the item comes back into stock. The outstanding item quantity will be added to the Reorder Backordered list in DEAR so a PO can be generated.

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